Norm Lewis "vs." Joshua Henry
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I checked out the Broadway Advocacy Coalition's "vs." event last night featuring Norm Lewis and Joshua Henry. It was a little odd, in that they listened to many of their best performances and then commented on them, rather than doing live singing. However, I still found it very entertaining and they did each sing a song live at the end. I thought it was a nice walk down memory lane and a reminder of how many wonderful performances they have both given over the years. My personal favorite was Norm singing When I First Saw You from the Actors Fund Dreamgirls Concert. Plus, we got to hear some interesting behind the scenes info and personal insights. There's also a very funny moment from Audra McDonald. If you're interested, the event is on YouTube - see link below. Note that Norm and Joshua aren't introduced until the 22 minute mark.
Link Norm Lewis vs. Joshua Henry

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