re: Broadway Announces Optional Mask Policy for July
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I find this change in policy very disconcerting. Personally I will be very uneasy returning to a venue where masking is optional.

First, there is no guarantee that people who feel sick will do the right thing and stay home. We hope they will, but some might not. If they are masked, they will be less likely to make others sick.

Second, even if I wear a mask - unless it’s an N95 with a tight seal - the protection is minimal to me. The mask prevents my respiratory droplets from being dispersed but doesn’t really protect me from the droplets of others who are not masked. Masking with surgical or other masks is only effective when everyone is masking.

Third, the vaccines and boosters have proven less effective against omicron and its more recent variants, which is why we have been seeing people come down with COVID two (and even three) times despite being vaxxed and boosted. People may not be getting as sick, but they are still contracting it despite the vaccines, which were developed prior to the current variants.

Fourth, I know several people who have contracted the omicron variant of COVID and who are dealing with lingering after effects for months. As much as we would like to think it’s like getting a cold or a flu. It’s not. Ask anyone e dealing with long COVID. I have several friends in this category, and the struggle is real. Many don’t get long COVID. There are many who are asymptomatic or only mildly ill from it, but who wants to take that risk? I don’t. There’s so much we are still learning about this virus and it’s impact on the brain and body over time. I have friends who are still fatigued, having problems with brain fog, and problems with taste/smell months after contracting omicron during the December wave. And, yes, they were all vaxxed and boosted.

Masking isn’t just for show, it actually keeps the germs contained to a certain extent. If I’m the only one wearing a mask, that’s for show. It won’t protect me. The only viable option is not to attend live theater. Again.

And that makes me really sad.

PS - I am fully vaxxed and boosted x 2.

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