What do they gain by changing policy?
Posted by: SlopeGirl 03:47 am EDT 06/22/22
In reply to: Broadway Announces Optional Mask Policy for July - Official_Press_Release 12:17 pm EDT 06/21/22

The shows that are selling well, will continue to sell well, the iffy ones, will still be iffy or close. I don't believe Broadway is losing a large part of its audience due to mask wearing mandates. Having to be vaccinated might have caused a slight decrease in attendance, but asking patrons to mask up for a few hours will not cause the majority of attendees to storm the doors and refuse to be kind to each other. Actually I think theatre patrons will actually feel safer knowing that at least if I don't know your vaccine status, you will have a slight (or hopefully better) barrier on which offers a little protection from having your mouth juices spraying all over the back of my head or in my face while you are laughing, singing along, or very loudly taking to your neighbors.

I have noticed on the subway that even the non wearing mask people want to sit safer, I watch them and they look for the clusters of mask wearers and try to sit by them, they shun their non mask wearing riders. The mask riders start giving the "don't even think about it look", or immediately turn their bodies away from non ask wearer, it is really funny to watch. All kidding aside, does it really hurt the bottom line of the INDOOR, NO SAFE DISTANCING, VACCINATION STATUS UNKNOWN Broadway houses to continue with mask up mandates? Doesn't it help protect the people that work there also? Sigh...

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