re: He cut "Chrysanthemum Tea?" That is an outrage!
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Oh that was just the beginning. He cut lots of stuff, but that was the only full song. The show was done as a 90 minute one-act musical, cutting at least 40 minutes of the original show.

What I find especially bizarre is when new productions try very hard to pretend the show was not conceived and written, in structure and dialogue especially, as a piece of Kabuki theater mixed with a musical. Kabuki is quite different than the kind of thing Broadway or American audiences are used to seeing. But this show was *written* to take on many of the kabuki theatrical essentials and styles. To take that away, like it's just any old musical, only makes the show harder to wrap ones head around and get into. The 2005 Broadway revival did it as more of a mix of Noh and Kabuki and modern, but that all works because Noh is also an ancient and extremely stylized form of Japanese theater, and that as well as Bunraku are inherently in or possible in the show as it was written/conceived. Doyle seemed to want to forget all of that and just treat it like stripping down any musical... and it just isn't the same thing.

If you don't want to do Pacific Overtures then don't do Pacific Overtures...

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