What a traves-'Tea,' indeed!
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According to an actor in that 2007 revival, Doyle cut down ''Pacific Overtures'' to 90 minutes, so he could ''focus'' on the relationships among Manjiro, Kayama and Lord Abe. If that's the criteria, why did he keep, say, ''Someone in a Tree'' or ''Pretty Lady,'' which are not related to that trio? ...

Doyle told American Theatre he cut ''Chrysanthemum Tea'' because ''there's a slight tendency for comedy to thrive at the expense of the Japanese. ... There was a danger of 'Chrysanthemum Tea' ... eliciting humor.'' So why did Doyle keep ''Welcome to Kanagawa,'' which also elicits humor?

Ironically, Doyle claims this is his favorite Sondheim show. But if you change it so much, is it ''Pacific Overtures'' anymore?

The Signature Theatre in Arlington, Va., a Tony-recognized regional theater, has announced it's reviving ''Pacific Overtures'' in their next season. But did anyone see their 2005 revival of ''Pacific Overtures,'' directed by Eric Schaeffer? It featured an all-Caucasian cast and a woman as the Reciter. Musicals that feature good roles for Asians are rare enough; if you're going to cast white actors in ''Pacific Overtures,'' why not just do ''The Mikado''?

I'm hoping the Signature's upcoming revival features Asian-American actors and DOES NOT use any of Doyle's cuts!

(Thank goodness, Japanese TV shot the original ''Pacific Overtures'' and it lives on, on YouTube, in all its grandeur and glory!)

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