re: Spilling some tea on 'Pacific Overtures'
Posted by: den 08:52 pm EDT 06/22/22
In reply to: Spilling some tea on 'Pacific Overtures' - WaymanWong 10:40 am EDT 06/21/22

I saw the original when I was home in NYC from college over Christmas break. A New Years night performance, during previews. A friend and I had gotten tickets at the half price booth. Sitting in box seats at — was it the Winter Garden? In any case, it was thrilling. We were already big Sondheim fans, but this production blew us away. I loved its boldness and innovation and remember being disappointed only at the “Next” ending, which, at the time, I thought was a sellout, though I later realized that was exactly its function. I liked the two revivals I’ve seen since then (yes, even Doyle’s) but neither came close to the visceral thrill of that first production for me.

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