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Since Estefan mentions her own cultural heritage as a Latina and her problems with the script's {white prism} narrative, I'll add this piece on the subject. This came up with the City Center production featuring two Evas, and whether the role should be cast thus. It's a genuinely fascinating way into the subject. Much here to digest. Here's a sample:

"...We as Latinx people have been fed the false narrative that light-skinned Latinos who possess predominantly European features are the only ones that exist. (“There are no ugly people in Brazil, only poor.”) The only time you will see a dark-skinned person on Latin American television is if they are playing villains or servants. Latinx people will identify as “Spanish” or “white,” even they aren’t, because being Indigenous is considered “filth.” Colorism runs its insidious self so deeply, it even influences which eye colours are considered more attractive and coveted than others...

"So, yes, to reiterate, even if you were to cast a production of EVITA with an all-Latinx cast, you would still be contributing to the colonial narratives. You’re still telling the story of a colonial government built on the bodies of murdered Indigenous people the descendants of slaves (hmm, doesn’t that sound familiar, HAMILTON? America?). Yes, Eva Perón was not an Indigenous or Afro-Latina, so her being played by someone who isn’t would technically, one could argue, be correct. Eva Perón is still part of colonial imperialism. As an Indigenous Latinx person with ancient roots en México, I obviously don’t have the same relationship with Péron as someone from Argentina would. Is she just a colonizer? Is she also a cultural icon, not just in Argentina, but in the North American consciousness? Not all Argentinos agree about EVITA, either. Does that mean that only Argentinian people should weigh in on Eva Péron? Regardless of how many view her, she remains a symbol of nationalism to a lot of Argentinos..."
Link https://www.onstageblog.com/columns/2018/1/15/understanding-evita-from-an-indigenous-perspective

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