Run to see Hamlet at the Armory
Posted by: BroadwayDude 09:35 am EDT 06/23/22

I'm no expert, but I thought this was a fabulous production in every way. Get yourself the closest seats you can afford, and have some patience through the really long first set (I was dozing a bit in the second hour), you will be richly rewarded as the gripping tragedy unfolds in acts two and three.

It's really important to know the characters and plot before you go, though they did a great job of making the complex story accessible.
I loved the use of Dylan music throughout, but I'm a huge fan of our modern day bard. I loved most of the modern touch ups, though making Rosencrantz a woman was gratuitous 🙄

This is the kind of enriching theater experience that makes me so grateful to live in this great city. We are truly lucky .

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