'Getting Married Today,' according to Doyle
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One of my favorite Tony moments was seeing Matt Doyle winning for ''Company.'' I first saw his Broadway debut years ago in ''Spring Awakening.''

During this awards season, Doyle had done tons of press, but there seemed to be a concerted effort to keep his big solo, ''Getting Married Today,'' under wraps. You could see Patti LuPone do ''Being Alive'' on ''The Late Show With Stephen Colbert'' or Katrina Lenk perform ''Being Alive'' on ''Late Night With Seth Meyers,'' but not Doyle. I saw snippets of Doyle's showstopper on PBS' recent documentary ''Keeping Company With Sondheim.''

So I was surprised to see the following video (below) pop up in my YouTube feed: ''Broadway's Best Perform for The Times.'' It's a showcase of all six Tony nominees for Best Musical, and includes Myles Frost from ''MJ''; Jaquel Spivey from ''A Strange Loop,'' and Joaquina Kalukango from ''Paradise Square.'' Alas, COVID caused ''Mr. Saturday Night's'' Shoshana Bean to cancel, but composer Jason Robert Brown delightfully stepped in and sang.

There was only one Best Musical Revival nominee represented: ''Company.'' (No sign of ''The Music Man'' or ''Caroline, or Change.'') Anyway, Matt Doyle does a slightly abbreviated ''Getting Married Today.'' After deftly delivering it trippingly on the tongue, he chats about how he worked with Marianne Elliott on the lyrics; what Stephen Sondheim wanted him to do most with the song, and what it means for Doyle to sing it as a gay man. Bravo!
Link Broadway's Best Perform for The Times (''Company'' section pops up near the 52-minute mark)

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