question about changing/altering songs
Posted by: dooey 02:22 pm EDT 06/23/22

I was listening to (and charmed by) Jeff Harnar's I KNOW THINGS NOW album. Some of the tracks offer some very clever medley/mash-ups of Sondheim's songs. I've always wondered about the process of getting permission to do something like this. How does a singer/musician approach a publishing house for permission to change a song or use parts of a song in such a drastically different manner? Trying to describe the changes in an email or letter seems inadequate. Might the singer make a demo or submit cut/spliced sheet music? Can someone walk me through the protocol? I've always been curious about this sort of thing.

The first time I listened to the Sondheim "Fever Dream" album I remember thinking, "How did they EVER get permission to do this?!"


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