Posted by: jmill 12:50 pm EDT 06/25/22

I was just listening to the Broadway cast recording of GIRL FROM THE NORTH COUNTRY. I'm not a Dylan fan, and I wasn't familiar with most of the songs when I saw the show a few weeks ago. I liked the show, loved the songs, but couldn't call the show "ravishing," as some of its biggest fans did. I was aware going in that the music doesn't drive the narrative. I bought the CD after seeing the show and have been listening to it regularly ever since.

I would guess that there are multiple theories on what each song means in the context of the musical. Some are easy to figure out. But one of my
favorite songs and moments, "Duquense Whistle," nevertheless still mystifies me. The song is electrifying on stage, and clearly one of the high points in the show. That said, I'd love to understand what some of the shows' biggest fans, who have seen the show multiple times, think the song means, sung by the character who sings it, and coming at that point in the show. What is Conor McPherson trying to say? I wouldn't be surprised if he intentionally kept it vague and wanted each theatergoer to come to his or her own conclusions.

Another favorite was Mare Willingham's absolutely gorgeous and haunting "Forever Young." I'd be interested in interpreations regarding that song too. Obviously I'm requesting spoilers, which I welcome.

I'm glad I saw GIRL, and am looking forward to having the chance to see the video when it is made available. Perhaps with more familarity with the music and the story, I will find the show closer to ravishing next time around.

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