re: Wait, for real?
Posted by: Ann 05:27 pm EDT 06/25/22
In reply to: re: Wait, for real? - whereismikeyfl 04:36 pm EDT 06/25/22

Yes, those are all bootlegs, by our definition for this site: "Bootlegs" are considered to be any illegally made recording or one distributed by someone other than the rights holder, or not otherwise commercially released to the general public.

I don't see the one you are referring to - I see a couple others, including one about Mahoganny where you said, "Still I wonder if somewhere there might be a rehearsal tape or bootleg?????" And back then, when things were more hectic and moved very fast, the posting of the word "bootleg" would get a deletion. It was impossible for us to spend a lot of time researching, so we had to make it a simple blanket. That was just the way it had to be for us to run the board while managing full-time jobs, life, etc.

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