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There was no consensus this year regarding what musical was the best. Six and MJ seem to be doing very well when it comes to just pleasing their respective (possibly not too demanding) audiences.

After 10 noms and winning Best Musical, A Strange Loop has apparently found a solid niche group of fans. However, for a show that was written and composed by a black artist and that features an all-black cast, I find it troubling that not a single one of my black theatre-going friends (who have actually seen it) are willing to say anything good about it. Others who have heard about it just plain do not want to see it. Some find it offensive because it depicts black males as weak, self-loathing, and/or effeminate. Of course, these are just anecdotal comments that have come my way via my partner, his family, and my acquaintances.

Jonathan Capehart will be interviewing Jackson and Spivey on MSNBC tonight specifically about A Strange Loop.

BTW I saw Erika Dickerson-Despenza's Culled Wattah yesterday at Victory Gardens in Chicago. What a powerful and emotionally hard-hitting play! Very nice crowd at one of the city's finest theaters. It was quite refreshing to see such a large audience of African-American theatregoers at a play that has well drawn characters they can relate to and issues that have meaning and importance to them.

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