THE PIRATES OF PENZANCE in 1982 summer stock...
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There's a brand-new page on "Memories of Melody Top!" Click on the link below to see and hear lots of treasures from THE PIRATES OF PENZANCE in the summer of 1982. By the way, I got to see this one! It was a thrilling production. If you decide to play the four audio clips at the bottom of the page, please be sure to listen for these moments: one, the trumpet solo after Keith Rice and Mary Ernster finish singing "Stay, Frederic, Stay!"; two, the wild audience reaction after every encore of "Come friends, who plough the sea"; and three, Doug Sheehan's sincere and solemn speech about the "fragile" and "rare" benefits of Melody Top to Milwaukee. Enjoy the memories from almost exactly 40 years ago...
Link THE PIRATES OF PENZANCE (1982) at Melody Top Theatre

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