CIRCLE JERK - Friday night. In person.
Posted by: Shutterbug 12:28 pm EDT 06/26/22

Frantic, manic, absurd, over-the-top ~ but not my cup of tea. This show reminded me of the work I saw at The Performing Garage decades ago. This satiric performance piece blends multimedia, theater, and sci-fi into a strange stew that’s occasionally funny but mostly just odd. I don’t think I would have liked this at all if I were streaming it from home, as many were. But sitting in the Connelly Theater with an enthusiastic audience made for a communal experience that was somewhat enjoyable.

The show is queer affirming and attempts to explore the complexities of our current cultural moment ~ there’s lots of sly references to pop culture, theater, and even ATC, which gets mentioned by name.

The show runs a bit too long for what it is, though, - 2 hours with 2 intermissions. The 3 person cast is working really hard. Kudos to this cast. Cat Rodriguez was particularly good. I honestly don’t know how they can do this twice in one night with only a one hour break in between the 7:30 and 10:30 shows.

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