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Posted by: jml 01:46 am EDT 06/27/22
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I attend tours because I can't get to New York. Our local venues are much larger than Broadway houses but have had less stringent requirements throughout the pandemic. One reopened in September and only required masks, no vaccination. The other required vaccinations through February and masks until the end of March. Neither has been in place for some time now. I still want to see the shows, and of course tours are all limited runs here. As such, I haven't stopped going, but I do wish that the requirements were still in place. I won't go in without a N95. This stupid decision didn't get the amount of coverage that the New York decision got. But it has been happening on the road for some time.

We're going to have The Lion King later in the year, which of course requires the actors to walk through the aisles at multiple points throughout the performance. Of course, there's the opening Circle of Life sequence with the company walking up to the stage. But also: The last time I saw the show several years ago, I was on an aisle and the child actor playing Simba walked right past me, up the aisle and out the auditorium's back door when Scar told him to run away and never return. This show is sending actors out into proximity with audiences who are probably already unmasked in tour cities and will probably be unmasked next week in New York. I think the masking requirement should remain in place for all shows, but removing it from a show where part of the actors' job is to enter the audience seating area seems particularly unwise.

Meanwhile, when I saw Hadestown a few months ago, five of the principal actors were out on the same day and most audience members around me still weren't wearing masks. The understudies were phenomenal, so I don't mean this as a complaint in any way, but I assume having that many of the cast out at once meant Covid was going through the cast. So it just felt to me like the audience mask requirement should stay in place.

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