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Posted by: ShowGoer 05:43 am EDT 06/28/22
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This. Between the fact it explicitly states this in the article on the most official Broadway news website announcing her absence, and the fact that (if it’s for next Tuesday) the tickets are only for the day -before- you get back, so you and your friend would be missing her by less than 24 hours, which you know more than a week in advance.

If you can’t make it to the box office, try again by phone and ask to escalate or speak to someone different… you can lay it on thick and explain how you’ve been waiting for almost three years to see this and had to reschedule several times (they’d have no way of tracking whether your friend or other family members have had multiple dates for the show canceled, which could even be true for all I know), AND as someone suggested, that you’re ready to repurchase on the spot for a different date.

Failing all that as a last resort you can always dangle the prospect of a credit-card dispute … Telecharge would much rather have and keep your money now, in hand, for a different performance, than face the prospect of losing it altogether and getting a chargeback from your credit card company on the grounds of conflicting and confusing policies and information in publicity material about exchanges due to absences during Covid. I have no doubt they will accommodate you. (If you’re after a straight refund, though, that’s a different story and they may not be as cooperative, as would be their right in that case.)

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