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“ I have done this in the past and have had no problem.”

Same here – even over the phone.

If they have still denied you, both in person and over the phone, then get people’s names and I would simply and politely tell them regretfully that this is what credit card disputes and investigations are for… that you’re fairly confident there’s enough documentation and wiggle room in the fact that some of the articles announcing her absence said anyone should contact if you want a refund or exchange and some didn’t, some places have her name above the title or in equal size type as him and some don’t, and some theaters have still been honoring worry-free ticketing policies due to Covid (frankly ALL were, up until just a few months ago), and some aren’t… that you’re afraid there are enough inconsistencies in this case that if they really say they can’t accommodate you, that’s the road you’d have to go down. (It would take a few weeks but I have no doubt that dispute would be resolved in your favor.)

That said, no theater owner, box office manger, or producer wants to deal with that kind of hassle (and nor should you)… so hopefully if they see you’re serious about sadly but politely taking this to the next level and putting it in the hands of your card carrier, which would involve a month-long investigation involving Telecharge, the Winter Garden, the general managers, the producers of the show, the box office staff, possibly Playbill.com due to that Playbill article, and the disputes department of your credit card company - they’ll realize it’s simply not worth the time and effort of them fighting you over an argument that at best could be viewed from both sides.
Especially as long as you can convince them that a) you still want to see the show, b) you’re not trying to see it for less money, and c) you’re not trying to get away with anything. In worst case scenarios that approach has worked for me as well.
Good luck.

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