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The Friday before the Tonys, the N.Y. Times reported that the Best Actor in a Musical race was too close to call. Throw in the smaller pool of available Tony voters, due to COVID, and Spivey's absences (especially when the out-of-town voters were in N.Y.), and that might've been enough to give Frost the edge. (To be fair to Frost, there were many dazzled by his dynamic dancing and stage presence, too.)

I wonder, too, if Kenita Miller's slightly earlier withdrawal from ''For Colored Girls,'' due to her pregnancy, and the show's curtailed run also killed her Tony shot. Some pundits picked her to win because she was playing the Lady in Red, which was the juicy, Tony-winning role for Trazana Beverley in the original ''For Colored Girls'' (1976). On the other hand, the Outer Critics Circle did not nominate Miller. (Instead, they rewarded Uzo Aduba for ''Clyde's.'') And the Drama Desk DID nominate Miller, but she lost to Francis Benhamou in ''Prayer for the French Republic.''

Unfortunately, I didn't get to see ''Clyde's,'' but Phylicia Rashad's role apparently was large enough that the Drama Desk nominators put her in Best Actress in a Play, where she won. If she had the more sizable part in the Featured category at the Tonys, that probably helped her win. (And seemingly, Rashad's staunch support of Bill Cosby must not have been a significant factor to cost her too many votes.)

Meantime, Matt Doyle and Patti LuPone were the most consistent, sweeping their prizes from the Outer Critics, Drama Desks and the Tonys.


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