Troubling price hikes for Rush/Lotto -- who do they think these tickets are for?
Posted by: Chazwaza 12:44 am EDT 06/29/22
In reply to: FIFTY dollars per ticket - Singapore/Fling 12:25 am EDT 06/29/22

Producers consistently are losing sight of the *point* of rush and lotto tickets. These are for people who cannot afford the normal tickets.

Honestly this is why I object to the digital lottery. Anyone and everyone can enter with extreme ease and carelessness and lack of necessity because who doesn't want to save some money? I vastly preferred it, as a local or as a visitor, when you just had to go in the morning and commit to standing there until the box office opens, and then if you're within the amount of tickets there'd be, you're set and you know you'll get to see the show and can go about your day. Committed, passionate theater people who can't afford the normal tickets, or non-theater people with an interest in that show and can't afford normal tickets.
I really think the digital nature of these things now only encourages producers to just see rush and lotto tickets as just another way to get a normal ticket to the show and they'll keep raising the prices arguing that it's still a great deal for what you're getting. That isn't the point. $75 is a great deal for what you're getting too, especially when that's 1/2 off for most normal tickets now.

And yes, it is still a great value... assuming the continue to give winners seats that are good -- I'm nervous it'll soon be $60 and only in the balcony ever. But I'd like to return to making these tickets difficult to get but really notably affordable when you do. Not 4 clicks on an app or website and you're entered with as many people in commuter distance (or who will/would be if they won, for the ones where you can enter for a full week of shows in advance) know about it and would happily see a Broadway show (especially with a globally famous singer/songwriter/actor starring in it) for much cheaper... cause who wouldn't? Suddenly the chances of winning are exponentially worse (trust me, I played the Hamilton lottery about 100 times at least and never won), and open to anyone who'd just prefer to see it for much cheaper, and without any effort or inconvenience or dedication at all. I know there is a big argument in favor of the digital policy and the presumable equalizing of the possibility of getting a cheap ticket without having to be able to go or send someone to go to the Box Office in the morning and wait, but few people work tuesday thru sunday and can never go if it is the only way they can see the show is to rush, and I ultimately prefer the old way for this. I also prefer the old prices. :)

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