this perfectly sums up the failure of the work done to update the show
Posted by: Chazwaza 01:03 am EDT 06/29/22
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Yeah, absolutely. And to be it's just one of the minor examples, among several major examples, about the "updating" revision that was done for this production that proves that neither Sondheim nor, it seems, Marianne have a grasp of what people under 60 in 2019/2022 actually would say, actually talk like or think like. Another for me is in "Another Hundred People" ... if you can somehow manage to be undistracted by the staging and hear the lyrics, he sings "look I'll text you in the morning or I'll call you and explain". This is a minor nuance of experience that I'm sure many won't be bothered by or notice or even agree with me about, but people in their 20s or early 30s in today's society avoid phone calls like the plague. It is not an overstatement to say that they/we consider a phone call, in many cases, an act of social terrorism -- this is a common joke built on exaggeration but it also speaks to a truth about it/how it's seen. And waiting until the morning to text an explanation? Text is perfect for quick and in the moment or day-of communication. Why would they wait until the next day to text an explanation of why they aren't showing up to a planned meet-up? If anything I'd think it would make more sense "look I'll call you in the morning or I'll text you to explain", a simple adjustment from what the original is ... or "look I'll call you if I have to but I'm texting to explain" is even more real to the NYC under 40 social world, if you ask me, having I think it's too active/current-moment for the way the lyrics work here.

There are so many things about this version that don't compute or work for me, or don't achieve what this team thinks it's achieving... and it's humorously summed up in what you said, that it could easily have been changed to "therapist", which scans, doesn't stand out as a niche or dated or out-of-use term, and IS what people say now... and was instead updated to something almost as dated as "analyst" (which is, ironically, much less offensive for parties sensitive to the language used around mental health/treatment these days).

I don't mean to assume you'd agree with me on this tangential rant, but I'm piggybacking nonetheless. :)

(I frankly am not sure the show could be updated to today ... the obnoxious forcing of cell phones and selfies into the staging is not the fix she thinks it is... the show was written very much about an experience of being single at a certain age in a world before cell phones and social media and dating apps. A wholllllle lot of the show is still very relevant and true to that experience today, but I just buy that this show, had it been written now to take place now, would be at all the same... I think it worked being set "now" in the 90s, and even in Doyle's 2006 revival. I don't think it does for now now. But it definitely didn't in this production, in my not humble or quite opinion -- but, as some might recall me being vocal about, I also do not think the gender-switchness of it worked either here, not because it couldn't, but because *this* production did a half-baked and not thoroughly thought-through attempt at it that not only didn't do everything it should have to work, it made choices in the gender-switching that actively sabotage key things about the show and how it works. Okay, rant over.).

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