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There's a hard to find film starring George M Cohan, called THE PHANTOM PRESIDENT (1932) . Cohan is a travelling medicine show man, and his sidekick is Jimmy Durante. Cohan, in that film, does blackface turn as the intro act for his own show. Claudette Colbert is the love interest. It's the same plot as the Kevin Kline film Dave, because it's based on the same novel by George F Worts. Rodgers and Hart did the songs. In the one big soing and dance number Cohan has, you see the man himself do teh same stiff legged dancing that Cagney replicates in YDD, as well as the kick of the proscenium. Seeing this films reminds one that the audience of YDD all knew Cohan's style - and Cagney replicated it beautifully.
The film DAVE crediuted Gary Ross as writer, but ignore Worts novel in the crdits - it was still under copyright - curious

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