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"My recollection of YDD is that it is an almost entirely fictional telling of Cohan's life".

JereNYC, I didn't know anything about the historical accuracy of the film, but this is what Britanica says: "This remarkable life story, though somewhat distorted and sanitized in this glossy production, is winningly told in episodic flashbacks by an aging Cohan (played by Cagney)". It also said that they took some "factual liberties".

And I found this on a site called "Cinessential": "Of course, like most biopics, not everything in Yankee Doodle Dandy is exactly accurate. The departure from fact that is probably most talked about is the fact that Cohan was actually married twice, rather than just the once as portrayed in the film. Mary, his wife in the film played by Joan Leslie, is basically a fictional character who is a combination of both of Cohan’s wives. His second wife was named Agnes Mary, but she never went by Mary."

So I'm not sure that it's almost entirely fictional, but hey, it was a movie though not a documentary. Thanks for making me do some research and learn something.

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