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I agree that Yankee Doodle Dandy is a great film musical. I own only about 20 DVDs (Casablanca, Some Like It Hot, King Kong. . . ) and YDD is among this group of classics for me.

I was once cast in a community theatre production of George M! in the title role. In the middle of "Yankee Doodle Boy" there is a dance break of 128 measures. The "choreographer" suggested I get a copy of the film and "just do what Cagney did!" Gee, thanks a lot.

George M! also includes a piece of I'd Rather Be Right: the title song. But it's a rehearsal scene, not a performance.

Although George M! may be more "accurate" than YDD in that it admits Cohan's two marriages, the George M! book really just skates over the facts of Cohan's life, keeping the time between musical numbers to a minimum. IMO it's an early jukebox musical.

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