Password & Broadway
Posted by: Holland 06:43 pm EDT 06/29/22

First off, I never watched Password growing up and only recently discovered it on youtube as a fun game, but moreover a wonderful glimpse of Broadway stars from another era. Carol Channing playing opposite the star of the new Broadway musical Funny Girl, Sidney Chaplin. Peggy Cass, currently posing for pictures for a new novel by Patrick Dennis. Barry Nelson "who has now played over 500 performance in Cactus Flower." Gretchne Wyler. Betty White, of course, listing all her upcoming summer stock plays and musicals with and without husband, host Alan Ludden. And LOTS of Lucy playing opposite husband Gary Morton. One episode paired with Vivian Vance, another round with recent graduate of Lucy's comedy school, Carole Cook. Without assuming Lucy was under the influence, I have to say there is a marked difference in her behavior on different episodes and when she is at her loosest and most fun, there is a remarkable resemblance to when she played drunk on film and TV. Again, making no assumptions. She's totally watchable in every state. My favorite clue thus far came from Miss Channing. The password was "Deputy." Carol's clue was "Equity!" She immediately looked at her civilian partner and quietly said, "Oh. You wouldn't know that." Watching this makes me realize how much TV -- variety shows, talk shows, and game shows -- kept Broadway in the national consciousness during that period.

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