re: I thought this would have been a hot ticket
Posted by: Chazwaza 07:50 pm EDT 06/29/22
In reply to: I thought this would have been a hot ticket - DistantDrumming 03:36 pm EDT 06/29/22

Well let's not forget that in the Encores production the Baker was played by a very famous person and now is played by someone only really known to musicals fans, and the Witch was played by a performer who has a bigger recording following than the replacement has even a theater following. While everyone in this revised cast is sensational, I don't think it's quite the powerhouse casting it was. Sarah B is going to be pulling a LOT of weight at the box office.

I also think it's pretty wild to move an Encores production with a very simple set and directorial take, notable mainly for the cast and how well they all did with the material together, and then move it to Broadway with the *same* direction/design, and a cast that is half new.

I'm always happy to have a quality revival of Into the Woods, but I think this was sort of seen as an ITW we didn't "need" per se, and then the cast and how well they did it made it into a hotter event... but they couldn't retain that cast, or add/replace with anyone especially exciting or buzzworthy, so it's back to a bit of a non-event... we'll see how it does in the first two weeks.

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