1994 BBC Radio “Sweeney Todd”
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The 1994 BBC Radio broadcast of the National Theatre's 1993 revival of Stephen Sondheim's musical thriller.

Sweeney Todd ... Denis Quilley
Mrs. Lovett ... Julia McKenzie
Judge Turpin ... Christopher Benjamin
Beggar Woman/Lucy ... Sheila Reid
Anthony Hope ... Adrian Lester
Johanna ... Carol Starks
Beadle Bamford ... Barry James
Tobias Ragg ... Adrian Lewis Morgan
Adolfo Pirelli ... Nick Holder
Jonas Fogg ... Stephen Hanley
Bird Seller ... Philip Curtis
with Di Botcher, Megan Kelly,Mandy Moore, Martin Nelson,Peter Prentice, Ernestina Quarcoo and Rhashan Stone

Book by Hugh Wheeler, based on the play by Christopher Bond
Music and Lyrics by Stephen Sondheim

Directed by Declan Donnellan
Link “Sweeney Todd”

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