NYC's Amnesia Wars Set To Finish Run Of Devised Theatre Experience “Avant Prov” at Prime Produce July 10 & July 17, 2022
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NYC's Amnesia Wars Set To Finish Run Of Devised Theatre Experience "Avant Prov" at Prime Produce July 10 & July 17, 2022

NEW YORK, NEW YORK - After a triumphant start at Super Secret Arts in Gowanus, Amnesia Wars has transferred "Avant Prov" to Prime Produce in Manhattan for the remainder of this run!

"Avant Prov" is an exhibition and performance in which musicians, dancers, and actors devise a unique, immediate event, as decreed each night by international conceptual artist Køvvånng.

This exhibit uses Køvvånng's signature performance medium: Cipher Art, an experimental process by which The Artist's prompts are dictated remotely, then interpreted and executed on the spot by our team of performers. The resulting performance piece resembles a dizzy mélange of an art installation, a modern music-dance concert, and an improvisational comedy spectacle.

WHAT: Avant Prov

WHEN: Doors Open at 7pm for preshow art tours and beverage purchases.

7:30 p.m. Sunday, July 10

7:30 p.m. Sunday, July 17

WHERE: Prime Produce: 424 West 54th Street, New York, NY 10019


TICKETS: Tickets on sale at: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/avant-prov-prime-produce-manhattan-tickets-373372115047

COVID SAFETY POLICY: Proof of vaccination and matching photo ID for entrance. Mask wearing is mandatory while not actively eating or drinking.

RUNNING TIME: 70 minutes, no intermission.


Full Company (Executors): Crystal-Marie Albertson, Dorit Elena K, Blanca Franck, Erin Krom, Carly Northup, Josh Pesin, Laura Petit, Rob Reese, Rodney Umble, Laura Valpey, Petrea Whittier

Prime Executor/Director: Rob Reese

Movement/Dance Captain: Petrea Whittier

Sound/Music Captain: Rodney Umble

Production Design: Køvvånng via Rob Reese & The Company

Visual Art: Køvvånng via The Company & Participants of the Figment Festival

Costumes: Køvvånng via Carly Northup & The Company

Production Stage Manager: Carly Northup

Press, PR & Marketing Agent: Avery Rudd

Marketing Consultant: Melissa Moschitto

Management & Development Consultant: Reb Robertson

Producers: Rob Reese, Laura Valpey

MORE INFO: amnesiawars.net

Amnesia Wars was founded by Rob Reese in the death rattle of the twentieth century, mounting script-less productions such as Three Plays in Search of a Script, Honey Harlowe , and Psycheroticproviholicyesandsomthinvoodoo! While never leaving improvisation totally behind, the company went on to script fully produced plays and musicals including Survivor: Vietnam!, Yahweh's Follies , and 101 Reasons to Thank Your God for Donald J. Trump, Vladimir J. Putin, and My Dad, Who's a Dick.

After its NYC run Keanu Reeves Saves the Universe was produced in Auckland, NZ. AW's vivid stage adaptation of Frankenstein has become a favorite of high schools and colleges, with productions in New York, New Jersey, Wisconsin, the United Kingdom, and Malaysia. Amnesia Wars has traveled across the globe performing and teaching at improv and theater festivals.

Køvvånng is an individual and collective conceptual artist based worldwide but currently soul-situated at the mast-point of Ales Stenar on the Kåseberga ridge in Scania. The obfuscation of Køvvånng's identity for this Cipher is intentional and necessary.

Rob Reese (Prime Executor) is a New York based theater maker who has directed, written, performed, and taught throughout the US and in a dozen countries over five continents. A proud member of the Indie Theatre Hall of Fame, Rob directed and co-wrote the libretto for Kamala Sankaram's Miranda (HERE), which received the Innovative Theater Award for Outstanding Production of a Musical and for which Reese received the Manhattan Community Arts Fund Award; that same year he received the Amsterdam Improvisational Education Award.

Prime Produce Apprentice Cooperative operates 424 w 54 Street as a legally incorporated and wholeheartedly organized co-op supporting entrepreneurs, educators, and artists who share values of service and hospitality. They work to design experiences, build companies and organizations, practice our crafts, cultivate relationships, and grow as people.

Link https://www.primeproduce.coop/

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