Flash bulbs- the old cell phones
Posted by: Ricksbay 10:35 am EDT 06/30/22

The thread on "The Westside Waltz" brought back memories of the problem of flash pictures before cell phones. I saw the play at a Saturday matinee, January 2, 1982. I remember a man took a flash picture from the mezzanine. Hepburn stopped the show cold and yelled "Usher, please escort that man out of this theater! I'll pay for his ticket!" I remember the audience gasping- this was way before cell phone interruptions and people seemed to know how to act in the theater. The play froze for a good two minutes while the audience watched the usher escort the unfortunate man from his seat. I remember feeling embarrassed for his humiliation.

I'd love to hear some stories about posters experiences with picture raking during a show. I don't remember it as being such a big issue as cell phones. Was it as rare as I remember? Wonder why-

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