Skylar Brandt at ABT last night
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Skylar Brandt, a dancer who was raised and trained in the nyc area, is about to become a major star. Her Odette/Odile in "Swan Lake" last night, paired beautifully with Herman Cornejo, was the best I've ever seen. I'm sorry that I missed Brandt's debut as "Giselle" as I would like to get to know that character in the way Brandt introduced me to her Odette; a characterization that seemed both from out of a fairy tale and someone that I might know, a friend who is stuck in a scary trap that I'd like to help but might not be able to do so. Perhaps Brandt might not be as riveting without the mature, gentlemanly finesse of Herman Cornejo's partnering but I'll be happy to find out as I'm now a serious fan of both Brandt and the Brandt/Cornejo partnership.

Brandt will next be dancing in "Theme and Variation" and a premiere by Alonzo King, "Single Eye".
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