My Fair Lady, National Tour - Chicago (post contains ending spoiler)
Posted by: PlazaBoy 01:26 am EDT 07/01/22

Shereen Ahmed makes a dazzling Eliza. Beautiful voice. Hilarious in the Ascot scene. Heartbreakingly dejected after the ball. Everything I would want to see in the role.

Laird Mackintosh somehow being charming and sexy ( very subjective- that's the way he struck me) while still playing an arrogant ass.

Kevin Pariseau as Colonel Pickering was a particular treat. Delightful and perhaps giving us more of the "confirmed bachelor" than we've seen before.

Gayton Scott as Mrs. Pearce was a pleasure whenever she was on stage.

Sam Simahk played Freddy Eynsford-Hill in the style of a 1950s MGM musical male juvenile lead. That's not a criticism, but it was an approach I had never seen before. It worked well enough in small doses and he has a wonderful voice.

The first act ending was as breathtaking as it should be.

I remember much talk about the second act ending during the Lincoln Center run. Don't know if this is identical. Eliza walks towards Higgins. She lovingly touches his cheek as if to say " I care for you, but I can't be with you." She then walks downstage and exits stage right.

Higgins appears to be about to cry and that's where I'm not sure what happens. As the lights fade, I couldn't tell if he was sobbing or laughing. I could see either as plausible for his character.

I will admit the ending felt deflating. Purely on an emotional level. Not saying it didn't intellectually work or that it was a poor choice. It was just very different than what one usually feels at the end of this show.

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