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Agree about the direction. A group of talented performers, but the direction is abysmal. Everything ends up down stage center, so relationships are pretty impossible to establish between characters.

The cast starts in modern dress and then steps into period shoes that are lined up along downstage - a choice I loved, but the first time Adams went offstage, she returned in different shoes. I'm not sure why after they just made a big deal about the actors putting on the shoes.

"In The Lees of Old Virginia", on "Look out, there's Arthur Lee! Bobby Lee!And General Lighthorse Harry Lee! Willy Lee! Jesse Lee!" the curtains part and we get all of those ancestors (like the moment in Me and My Girl and Ruddigore but not paintings). That's typical staging. Everything is acted out without trusting the lyrics to tell the story. We see barrels of rum and a slave auction during "Molasses To Rum." Horrific, upsetting, and moving images, but the song can do that on its own.

Martha Jefferson had nothing but contempt for Adams and Franklin. She rolled her eyes, she was sarcastic in meeting them.

"Momma Look Sharp" is sung very impressively, but at the expense of the story of the lyrics. I asked people who saw it who didn't know the show what the song was about and they couldn't tell me.

Intermission is after "Cool, Cool, Considerate Men," when I feel like if you're going to put one in it goes after "Momma Look Sharp," which I know makes a very long first act.

The curtain call ends with a reprise of "The Egg" with the cast shouting "To hell with Great Britain!" with fists in the air. At this point they are back in modern dress. I found that a missed opportunity to say something more relevant. What's the contemporary beef with Great Britain? "To hell with oppression" maybe?

There are so many very very heavy handed directorial choices.

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