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I do indeed, ha, and I'm pretty loose with them here.

I also didn't see Drive My Car, I'm told I'd love it... but I saw some of the nominees: Coda, WSS, Power of the Dog, Dune, Don't Look Up, and Nightmare Alley. It's unexplainable why I still haven't seen Licorice Pizza, PTA is one of my favorite filmmakers. From what I can gather I wouldn't love King Richard, but I did want to see Belfast.
Of what I saw my picks for Best Pic would be Power of the Dog and West Side Story. And I had many issues with this WSS, many things I didn't like, thought they made bad choices/changes in, weakened the material in some ways ... but overall, I still found it a beautiful and brilliant piece, and also it was not a year I found to be brimming with extraordinary Best Pic level films.

You've said on this board many times, as I recall, about the reactions to WSS from your family... and I don't doubt they feel that way and are being truthful. But I also don't know you or them and can only take it as what it is, a handful of people's understanding or memory (after 60+ years)... I'm sure many who know found it to be inauthentic, and many didn't. I also know Kushner is enormously big on research, as is Spielberg, and I am sure they both did that. Whether it resulted in a script that was 100% perfect and authentic, I can't say. I'd say for me, as two people who love musicals and so love and revere this musical and the original movie, to remake it in a way where dance is not an established part of the language of the story... to do the prologue with random spurts of dance but where the choreography is mostly done by the camera... and where it is one white "gang" exclusively bothering decent Puerto Rican people unprovoked with not a moment of a turf battle with another gang, the Sharks, who don't even come into it until the very end of the sequence when the Jets have spray painted over their Puerto Rican flag mural... seems on two massive levels to betray the story and point of the thing. This is a poetic dance musical adaptation of Romeo & Juliet, it was never written to be anything else. In reality and in R&J there were two waring "families", not one aggressor and one innocent left with no choice but to defend their people. So this version lost me on a musical/artistic level and a story/concept/adaptation level from the very beginning. But I still loved a lot of it... and would still have voted for it for Best Picture that year.

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