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Posted by: NYCVoiceTeacher 08:43 pm EDT 07/01/22
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I will speak for myself.... who else would I speak for?.... I did not see BS on stage in Funny Girl and neither did 99 percent of the theatre going population. Of course, she was incredible and iconic in the movie. But when I heard the show was coming back to Broadway, I wasn't expecting to compare the "new Fanny" with Barbra. I was totally willing to give the new person a chance. I have sat in audition rooms, I have seen many. many shows, I know the incredibly talented people out there.

The choice of Beanie was puzzling from the beginning. Although the script is loosely based on Fanny Brice, it is still about Fanny Brice, who was a real person.

I have not seen the new production, but I certainly have read enough. What I find puzzling is that many people writing bring up the idea that something is owed to Beanie. I can't figure out why. She should be judged like any other performer on Broadway. She isn't the first person to be miscast, or get mixed reviews. Or to not be nominated for a Tony. Looking at her future, I don't see why anyone would take a chance on her again. I can't imagine ever seeing her name above the title again. Yeah, she was good in Hello Dolly! But who cares... the role isn't the most challenging one in the Musical Theatre catalogue. I've seen truly amazing performers on Broadway who never got their full due.

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