Full throttle HAMLET at The Armory - tonight
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Certainly one of the best productions of HAMLET I've seen, even with an understudy Gertrude who went on for Jennifer Ehle. There's plenty of interpretation in Robert Icke's direction but there's also an abundance of the play itself with its sublime poetry that sings it song both looking down on the grave and from within the grave itself. Alex Lawther makes an appealing Hamlet and a sad eyed tour guide into the darkness of the play. Even when he is being explosive, he is truly a sweet prince. What I like about Icke's production is that even though it plays by the contemporary rules of productions of classic plays in terms of its directorial choices it also gives its audience enough time and space to let the play and its poetry land inside of our own individual heads and hearts. When that happens Shakespeare's play speaks to us anew with its truths and provides the greatest and sorely needed antidote to the doings of kings in our own time.

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