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Posted by: HunterHailey 12:57 pm EDT 07/02/22
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Ah! But I disagree that the ending is obvious and there aren't times where a wonderfully conceived ambiguous ending can be powerful. While Tony dying is certainly a possibility (and probably the most cited one), I look at it a different way. That last scene had every single viewer sitting on the edge of their seat wondering what was going to happen to Tony, nervous - knowing something could happen at any second. And then the blackout. That feeling you had just waiting for something to happen - that's the rest of Tony's life. How you felt at that moment looking around the diner, wondering where the threat was going to come from, wondering what you weren't seeing . . . that is how Tony was going to feel every single moment during the rest of his life. I personally like that interpretation better than that he was simply killed.

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