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Posted by: Holland 05:11 pm EDT 07/02/22
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Thank you for that! If memory serves (and it was 50 years ago -- wow!), I saw it at the Falmouth Playhouse also on the Cape. Dody Goodman brings up another nice memory. As a student at the short-lived Cape Playhouse School of Theater, I volunteered backstage for various productions. One of them was Vivian Vance and Ms. Goodman in a comedy called "Your Daughter, My Son." I was running sound (an old-fashioned reel-to-reel!) next to the stage manager and reveled in watching the show start to finish every performance. They had been touring this show for ages and yet Ms. Goodman was still finding new bits of business to throw in. So much fun to watch. One night there was a power failure and the curtain was delayed. Both Vivian and Dody came onto the stage in their dressing gowns holding candles or flashlights to entertain the audience. As they were exiting the stage to begin the play after the power came on, Vivian turned to the audience and said, "Now, you still have to applaud when we make our first entrance!"

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