La Tragedie de Carmen
Posted by: monty4rudy 01:10 pm EDT 07/03/22
In reply to: Acclaimed director Peter Brook has passed away. - bwaynut 06:42 am EDT 07/03/22

Still one of the most haunting and richly realized productions I’ve been privileged to see.

I assume the statute of limitations has run out by now, so I can confess that afterwards I approached the apron of the stage and swiped one of the little stones scattered about the floor. (I blame the earthy sumptuousness of the stagecraft, which triggered a primal need to keep something beyond the experience.) It now has a place of honor in one of our prime tchotchke displays. You can still faintly make out the CARMEN I scrawled with a Sharpie, just in case I might forget.

We’ll light a candle—make that a tea light—next to it tonight.

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