Jesse Green's NYT's piece on working conditions for actors on Broadway
Posted by: singleticket 11:31 am EDT 08/04/22

Meandering and mixes up a lot of different workplace issues together in one stew but I thought this was a decent overview of current experiments with the rethinking of the theater work space. I liked Green's reference to Anne Washburn's 10 OUT OF 12 at Soho Rep which I wish I had seen. Throw a Pulitzer at Mr. Green for his continuing coverage of reform efforts in the theater? Maybe, yet I find the New York Times house style frustrating which seems to dictate in its politic way that coverage will never linger long enough on any of these reforms to specifically advocate for any one of them.

As an aside, the article on union organizing that Green links to doesn't mention the most startling innovation in the contemporary labor movement and that is the creation of a new independent union in the case of Amazon; not beholden in its existing structure to historic nepotism and racism or past deals with management, owners and governments.
Link Shutting the Door on the Hard-Knock Life

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