The Devil Wears Prada Vid
Posted by: PlazaBoy 04:20 pm EDT 08/05/22

Link attached for those interested.

I've already posted that I strongly disliked the show. What I find interesting about the vid is how much it showcases the only bright spot in the show: Javier Muñoz (Nigel.) I think that points up a problem. Nigel shouldn't be the star of the show, but he outshines the two leads. He's given the song they are trying to make into a hit, so that elevates his role as well.

The vid conveys exactly what the show looks and feels like. If you've seen this vid, you've pretty much seen the show. I rarely give this advice, but in this case, save your money.
Link Chicago-world-premiere-of-the-devil-wears-prada-musical

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