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Posted by: bway1430 12:39 pm EDT 08/06/22
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Can't find the source for the interview but a few weeks back there was an article about his upcoming show in Chicago, the cast of TDWP being invited and Elton saying he would be staying in Chicago and was prepared to stay in his hotel room writing new material if it was needed.

I would expect that the reviews on Monday will be mixed and a fair amount of time (and money) will be spent rehauling the show during its Chicago run.

On a similar note, I saw the Chicago tryout of AIDA (also previously in Atlanta) and the show was a disaster. Elton's contributions were much improved by the time the show came to Broadway as were other elements which eventually made it a very good show, if not an altogether great one. With that in mind, I have faith that TDWP can follow a similar path and I hope that it will.

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