re: Or is it all tours?
Posted by: ruff24 01:03 pm EDT 08/06/22
In reply to: Or is it all tours? - broadwaybacker 09:15 am EDT 08/06/22

Every Broadway subscription show I've seen in the last few months in Chicago (nearly all originally slated for the 2020-21 season) had sparsely populated balconies & all but Moulin Rouge had aggressive discounts (and even MR! had plenty of empty seats near us in the mezz). The Prom, a show I adored on Broadway, did a great job transitioning to tour, with Beth Leavel's original understudy doing an admirable job replacing her & Actor-Director-SM Patrick Wetzel living much more comfortably in Brooks Ashmanskas's shoes than James Corden did ... but even the original production had trouble filling houses (I blame the title, TBH). And the movie didn't really do it any favors, as the unexpected twist is handled much better on stage & left me wondering how it would all resolve in the second act--not a hook if you know going in.

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