re: Which stars have you "discovered"?
Posted by: earlybird 01:18 pm EDT 08/06/22
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Wow, it's wild that you said Kara Young, because she was literally the 1st person I thought of when I saw this question! I saw her in All the Natalie Portmans right before the pandemic, and my thought was "we need to watch her career." Felt the same after Clyde's. She hasn't made it big yet, but I'm sure she'll get some big TV gig sometime in the next few years.

As for other people:

--Seeing Jeremy Pope as the alternate in the Off-Broadway musical Invisible Thread (aka Witness Uganda). He was excellent, and seeing him in Choir Boy on Broadway solidly re-affirmed his star quality. He's definitely on the rise in a big way, now.

--Several years before Stranger Things, I saw Sadie Sink play the title role in Annie - at the time, she was sharing the role 50/50 with Taylor Richardson, who had previously been alternating for Lilla Crawford. When Crawford left, they bumped up both of them up to co-leads. But because Richardson had been playing the role a lot, she seemed to be getting more attention in the role than Sink, and I think some people viewed Richardson as the de-facto lead (I believe Sink played Matinees, plus 1 more show per week). Anyway, the point is, not only did I think Sadie Sink was a wonderful Annie, I think her performance really made me fall in love with the show. Her voice was strong, but not overly polished. She truly seemed like a real KID, in a way that some child actors don't - she was very natural, and effortlessly charming and sympathetic. I also recall seeing Gaten Matarazzo as Gavroche - genuinely the best, and cutest Gavroche I've ever seen.

--Not quite as famous, but I recall seeing Adrienne Warren as Lorrell in Dreamgirls back in 2009 or 2010, and thinking she was a major highlight of the production, despite having one of the smaller roles. Then sheeing her in Bring it On really cemented that (Bring it On was also my first exposure to Ariana DeBose - I remember her from the show, and several shows afterward, but I don't think she really made a strong impression on me until Donna Summer).

--Ncuti Gatwa, from Sex Education, soon to be the new Doctor Who: saw him at the Globe in London back in 2016, in two production running in rep: a Kneehigh production where he played the co-lead (a charming soldier who befriends a little girl), as well as Lysander in Midsummer Night's Dream. He was good in both, but his performance as the Soldier was particularly memorable.

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