re: Ariana DeBose video from 2014/Which stars have you "discovered"?
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1995- started rehearsals for early 1996 production of BABES IN ARMS at Guthrie Theatre. Kristin Chenoweth was in the cast and it was so obvious she was going to be a star. I understudied Kevin Cahoon who played opposite Kristin. The first night I went on for Kevin, I called my Dad and told him I was going to sing and dance with a future Tony winner that night. I said this is like getting to go on with Bernadette Peters before she was a star. I was right. The following year, she made Bway debut. 2 years after that, she won a Tony.

Btw- I knew Grande when she was on a show on Nickelodeon but I had no idea she was going to become an international pop star.

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