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I have a play that is published. It is certainly not Hamilton but it has had over 100 different productions. It is shocking to me how many theatres, especially high schools/community theatre... take the liberty to change the play. Sometimes drastically. It's a cast of 11. 5 women and 6 men. SO MANY times they cast females as men. Or they cut whatever they want. It is a play with music. They take huge liberties with the singing. It makes me really angry. Or at least it used to. Now.. I just think.... if a high school wants to do it and pay the royalties... who cares? They are going to do it anyway. I have seen a lot of awful productions of it and I have seen some pretty wonderful productions. Colleges usually do a great job with it.

One thing that is really awful is these high school competitions where they have a time limit. It might be 30 minutes or 45 minutes or whatever. My play is 90 minutes with no intermission. So they cut it themselves ALL THE TIME. That really pisses me off. A few years ago a high school in Ga. won the state competition with my play. I found out they cut it and I got really angry. I had the publisher reach out to them. It was too late., of course. I could have had the award taken away from them, but I didn't want to do that to the kids. I spoke to the Principal who was scared I was going to sue them. He offered me $500. The Director of the play refused to apologize to me. It was sort of a mess. But it happens all the time.
I remember once I was at a talkback at one of Charles Busch's plays. I asked him if he preferred or required a male play his roles. He surprised me and said it didn't care at all as long as they paid the royalties. That really surprised me at the time. Now, I get what he means.

I hope my post is relevant. lol

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