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Posted by: NYCVoiceTeacher 10:36 pm EDT 08/07/22
In reply to: New from Randy Rainbow… - SuzanneR 10:17 pm EDT 08/04/22

He is great. But... I am surprised he has been getting away with this for so long. I know a bit about what the legal definition of a "parody" is. This ain't it gurl, this ain't it.

A legal parody is when you are commenting on the ORIGINAL material. Like they do in Forbidden Broadway. He is making fun of the original characters and situations in the specific musicals.

What Randy is doing is more satire. But using someone's melody for satire is generally not a good idea. For many years the definition of a parody was very vague. I wrote a show that does what Randy is doing. I was told by an attorney that I could get into some trouble if the original authors wanted to object. I believe the same could be said for what Randy is doing.

I am not an attorney. It is just my understanding of what I was told. I just thought it was an interesting topic. Not trying to take away anything away from how wonderful Randy Rainbow is.

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