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Yes, there are those high school competitions and they do have time limits, and guess what? EVERYONE CUTS THE SHOWS DOWN. ALL OF THEM. (I did a cut-down Assassins once for the ACTF. Not very satisfying, but we had to stick to the time limit if we wanted "to go to the festival" lol.)

With grade school actors especially (though not entirely), sometimes music does need to be changed to fit the capability of the singer. Limited ranges, musical lines that don't get learned right, etc. Harmonies that need more experienced ears. or, casting actors who don't match pitch well, because someone felt they should still have a chance to be in the show somehow. (I can't tell you how many times I've bee asked "can't you just have them talk the song?") And yes, often this is done without much consideration for the music as is. But it happens all the time. And they're not doing it to stab YOU in the back. They're doing it because that's what those particular kids can handle. Also, a lot of schools may be limited in their casting pool, which typically does mean less men are available. So they have no choice if they want to do the show. And aside from Albee, I don't know of any playwrights who insist on major casting control. Particularly in non-professional youth productions.

Do you object to people making 16-32 bar cuts for auditions? Do you assume the composers get bent out of shape because people do that? Really?

Perspective, my friend.

And if you hate that the show gets cut down for high school/college drama festival situations, perhaps you should consider putting together your own cut version, so that you can suggest what gets cut and what gets kept. Because, ALL THE PLAYS get cut. Do you think it's something personal???

And actually, the glut of "school editions" and "jr" versions and the like, leased by the big rental companies, all came about so that schools could do shorter/easier versions of classic shows without leaving it to the directors to cut, because they may not always know how to make those decisions effectively.

Perspective. And respect for the many wonderful things that go on in the biz like the ability to do youth productions. Would you rather that kids just don't do theatre? Or that they don't do your play? Maybe you should take your play off the market.

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