re: Funny Girl 1964 vs 2022 Very Long
Posted by: Pokernight 01:15 am EDT 08/08/22
In reply to: Funny Girl 1964 vs 2022 Very Long - ianx73 09:05 pm EDT 08/07/22

As someone who saw Streisand at the Bon Soir, in "Wholesale", and ultimately in "Funny Girl" as well as in several concerts, the Beanie casting seemed absurd. I don't know that anyone could achieve what Streisand did, so it was probably best to have never revived this at all. Those of us who have seen Streisand in person know that this phenomenon can't be replicated. To quote Liza Minnelli's response, when asked to sing 'Over The Rainbow"...'It's Been Done' is the only response to this quandary.

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