too many of them have movies or pro-shot films...
Posted by: Chazwaza 05:30 pm EDT 08/08/22
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For me, it does genuinely hurt my interest in paying to see them. Granted, most of the main shows I've seen in NYC...
but Come From Away, Dear Evan Hansen, The Prom, Hamilton, Everybody's Talking About Jamie (which has a pro-shot AND a proper film)...

I did end up paying to see Jamie on tour because my bf wanted to go, and I saw the Hadestown tour also because of my bf, though I must say I'm very glad I went to that... the tour cast I saw in LA a couple of months ago was phenomenal and overall I liked them, and the show as a result, much more than I did on Broadway. (when I saw it on Broadway Andre was sadly out sick, and while I'd say that Amber Grey and Patrick Page were overall better than the tour Persephone/Hades... the tour actors were also incredible, and the two leads I liked much more, and the Hermes, etc -- the tour Eurydice had a more interesting voice and did a better job with the acting than Eva (who I was blown away by in Saigon but not in Hades), and I detested everything Reeve Carney did outside of his relative ease with the crazy high notes of the score, which the tour Orpheus didn't do as well but I didn't hate every second of his affected performance like I did with Reeve so it was an improvement).

Anyway, I am just saying I think it's harder to get people to see a tour with so many cheap or free ways to see a show from home now. I don't think it impacts people seeing it on *broadway*, but I have to wonder if it has an impact on how many people are willing to spend money (and possibly risk covid), and how much money they're willing to spend, when they could watch at home.

Or maybe it just has to do with show to show... people who loves these particular shows may only want to see them live, or again, more. Other than Hadestown I had no interest in seeing any of those shows again after Broadway (I felt I saw the best possible version of them in nyc, and didn't love them anyway). If there were a tour of Sweeney Todd or Cabaret or Great Comet ... I would absolutely go.

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