re: The underrated DIANA
Posted by: standingO 11:37 pm EDT 08/08/22
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Diana was schlock but if someone wants to enjoy it, I’m okay with that. It was like the movie of that feline show. If people want to dress up like cats to howl at the moon, I won’t stop them. But the NYT Arts section used to be a barometer of cultural tastes in one of the most important art-creation cities in the world. I rarely find that to be the case anymore. Clickbait articles based on moldy, mediocre shows and movies are becoming the norm.

I will say, I have loved the Legally Blonde score since 2007 and it has stayed in my rotation in the fifteen years since it’s debut. As Chaz pointed out, it won deserved accolades back then. It may not be the best show ever written but it has brains and heart which Diana did not. As Elle Woods would say if she read this article, “I may be in love, But I'm not stupid, lady I've got eyes” omigod you guys

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